Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Maheroo Jojo

1.Abhi Aaye (Club Mix) 3.44 MB

2.Abhi Aaye 4.45 MB

3.Al Ama Al Ama (Dance Mix) 2.87 MB

4.Al Ama Al Ama 4.06 MB

5.Kaise Jiye Hain Hum (Nostalgia) 5.71 MB

6.Kaise Jiye Hain Hum 4.97 MB

7.Khoye Tere Payar 4.32 MB

8.Maaheroo (Traditional) 4.3 MB

9.Maaheroo 4.45 MB

10.Main Hon Zinda Tere (Club Mix) 3.34 MB

11.Main Hon Zinda Tere 3.75 MB

12.Tera Mukhra 3.69 MB

13.Tera Payar Yaar (Techno Mix) 3.57 MB

14.Tera Payar Yaar 3.89 MB

15.Tere Chehre Ka Noor 3.82 MB

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