Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Earn from every visitor to your blog

The year 2007 saw the Affiliate marketing boom and you thought you were left behind then.But in the year 2008, a new prospective oppurtunity for bloggers and website owners on a new and phenomenal advertising service that you would die to grab for!

Starting 2008, Net audio ads launches Pay-per-Play ads,which by market etimates are going to be the hottest and most productive form of advertising by the end of 2008.Audiohosting is a revolutionary new form of advertising and has already started with a bang.Its clients already include biggies like Taco Bell, HBO, Harley Davidson and the list is ever increasing.Many national companies as well as amateur bloggers are already joining this servide.

Now you must be wondering what this ad serivce is all about? To begin with,this service play ads on your site or blog.You might be wondering what ads it might be playing? This service plays a 5 second audio that is only played once per visitor. And guess what? You get commission for every visitor.So there is no need for the visitor to click on the ad for you to start earning.But this is just one of the many benefits.The greatest advantage of this audio ads is that your visitor never leaves your website and listens to the ads while surfing your webpageThus the end result is a lifetime of high residual income.

This is not all.A free affiliate program is available also for a short time only.This has made such waves that an article was recently published in the Wall Street Journal.

So get going and join this program.Many bloggers including me have already joined this program.

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